Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Labour Councillors Join Mob Harrassment of Innocent Family

Councillor Nicky Kelly and fellow Councillors accept petition at Redcross Commumity Hall.

The following is from a discussion on regarding a mother and her four children who have been hounded out of four houses in Co Wicklow because her husband was convicted of a sex offence against a minor 18 YEARS AGO! (He got a suspended sentence of six months at the time).

Labour Councillors Join Mob Harrassment of Innocent Family

The family have been hounded out of Kilcoole, Redcross, Rathnew and Ashford. I think they are all in the Archdiocese of Dublin which covers most of Co. Wicklow as well. Ashford certainlly is and that is where their house was burned down.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has become a great hero of the liberal media because of the way he has dealt with allegations of child sexual abuse. He cannot make a speech without denouncing the evils of abuse and apologising for the way the Church dealt with them in the past. He even put pressure on Bishop Martin Drennan to resign even though NO criticism had been made of him in the Murphy Report. (Like the Wicklow mob, the Archbishop seems to believe in guilt by association.)

Would it be too much to ask the Archbishop to condemn the behaviour of the people who hound an innocent mother and her four children? The mob are abusing these innocents. Moreover the hysteria and fanaticism generated by the mob will rebound on real victims of child sexual abuse in the future. Cynicism is what normally follows after Hysteria.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bishop John Magee and False Allegations of Child Abuse

The following is my comment on an article in Ciaran’s Peculier [sic] Blog

QUOTE:No one can say that Bishop Magee has been guilty of any wrong-doing in the diocese of Cloyne. However, I knew of a priest who once served under him. This man was in many ways an archetypal Irish Catholic priest, middle-aged, and with somewhat prejudiced views about the modern world. However, when asked about Dr Magee, he said but one thing. “That man is evil.”

And then again there were rumours, only rumours, that the bishop of Cloyne liked to pay social visits to London, but not to visit the Victoria and Albert museum or take in a show. ENDQUOTE

Is this what you mean by any chance?
“Guardian Apology to Bishops for Paedophile Ring Claim [1994]”

The following is an extract from an article by Sam Smyth in the Sunday Independent on 10 April 1994:

“Eight days ago an article by Susie MacKenzie in The Guardian weekend supplement about celibacy and the Catholic priesthood made a reference to a bishop’s involvement in a paedophile ring. It outraged the Catholic Hierarchy who apparently considered taking a class libel suit on behalf of the country’s 30 bishops. On Friday the Bishop’s Conference announced that they had made a formal complaint to the Guardian and Bishop Thomas Flynn said they were “highly offended”.


“According to research, it would not be surprising if there was one homosexual among any 30 men, although there is not one iota of evidence to suggest that there is a gay Irish bishop. BUT ALL THE RUMOURS CIRCULATED TO SUGGEST THAT THERE IS A PRACTISING HOMOSEXUAL AMONG THE IRISH CATHOLIC HIERARCHY HAVE PROVED TO BE FALSE – AND THERE MIGHT WELL HAVE BEEN MALICE IN THE MANUFACTURING OF THEM.”

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Scandal In Belgian Church (2) - Cardinal Danneels

The following is the part of the discussion regarding Rod Drehers article Danneels Approved Pedophilic Cathchism? (url is at end)

Perry Bulwer
June 30, 2010 2:57 PM

Rod, the link you provide at the top of the article is now dead. It seems the article you took those quotations from has been removed from that website, so it's a good thing you quoted much of it. Dead links to news articles is one reason I started keeping a blog archive of news articles related to child abuse in religious contexts.

Rory Connor
July 1, 2010 3:40 AM

The article "The Fall of the Belgian Church" by Alexandra Colen is on my website. The url is

and I have also linked it to its original publication in "The Brussels Journal".

The reason the link at the top of this article no longer works may be because Alexandra Colen's article contains a copy of one of the offending illustrations from the Begian catechism. This drawing showed a naked baby girl saying: “Stroking my pussy makes me feel groovy,” “I like to take my knickers off with friends,” “I want to be in the room when mum and dad have sex.” Panic about paedophilia has reached such a level that people may be afraid that showing the ilustration will attract paedophiles.

Yet in the 1990s Alexandra Colen was sneered at by the liberal media in Belgium because she objected to these illustrations and the message they conveyed!

Read more:

Scandal in Belgian Church - Cardinal Godfried Danneels

This is a Comment I made on Rod Dreher's Blog BeliefNet that sums up my attitude to the scandal in the Belgian Church. His article is called Danneels approved pedophilic catechism? and I wrote this on 30 June 2010:

I have gathered together a dozen different artcles on this scandal on my website The url of the relevant section is

I have not had time to do a commentary yet but one thing that strikes me is the similarity to the Father Paul Shanley scandal in the USA. Shanley was a promiscous homosexual and also a "gay" icon in the 1960s and 70s. Many conservative Catholics complained bitterly to the Church authorities about him and eventually, in 1979, he was removed from his "gay outreach" project in Boston. He was not however, removed from the priesthood. Even his supporters acknowledge that he was probably having sex with adolescent boys who were about (or below) the age of consent but "liberals" didn't bother about that at the time.

Then in 2002 Shanley was accused of having raped FOUR eight year children decades before. His 4 accusers - all of whom knew each other - declared that they had "repressed" their memories for decades but had just "recovered" them. All of Shanley's gay and liberal friends believed this proposterous story and deserted him. He was convicted on Recovered Memory evidence alone and the Massacheutetts Supreme Court recently refused his appeal and affirmed the validity of this voodoo brain science.

Cardinal Danneels is no Paul Shanley in his personal life but there are certain similarities. Belgian liberals loved the "liberal" Cardinal and sneered at his conservative critics - like Alexandra Colen when she protested at this repulsive "catechism". Now they have turned on the Church and see nothing wrong in desecrating tombs in order to search for hidden documents - straight out of the Da Vinci Code! The Belgian Church degraded itself by adopting the values of the world and now the world despises it and wants to destroy it. It is an end without honour or dignity.

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