Thursday, July 1, 2010

Scandal in Belgian Church - Cardinal Godfried Danneels

This is a Comment I made on Rod Dreher's Blog BeliefNet that sums up my attitude to the scandal in the Belgian Church. His article is called Danneels approved pedophilic catechism? and I wrote this on 30 June 2010:

I have gathered together a dozen different artcles on this scandal on my website The url of the relevant section is

I have not had time to do a commentary yet but one thing that strikes me is the similarity to the Father Paul Shanley scandal in the USA. Shanley was a promiscous homosexual and also a "gay" icon in the 1960s and 70s. Many conservative Catholics complained bitterly to the Church authorities about him and eventually, in 1979, he was removed from his "gay outreach" project in Boston. He was not however, removed from the priesthood. Even his supporters acknowledge that he was probably having sex with adolescent boys who were about (or below) the age of consent but "liberals" didn't bother about that at the time.

Then in 2002 Shanley was accused of having raped FOUR eight year children decades before. His 4 accusers - all of whom knew each other - declared that they had "repressed" their memories for decades but had just "recovered" them. All of Shanley's gay and liberal friends believed this proposterous story and deserted him. He was convicted on Recovered Memory evidence alone and the Massacheutetts Supreme Court recently refused his appeal and affirmed the validity of this voodoo brain science.

Cardinal Danneels is no Paul Shanley in his personal life but there are certain similarities. Belgian liberals loved the "liberal" Cardinal and sneered at his conservative critics - like Alexandra Colen when she protested at this repulsive "catechism". Now they have turned on the Church and see nothing wrong in desecrating tombs in order to search for hidden documents - straight out of the Da Vinci Code! The Belgian Church degraded itself by adopting the values of the world and now the world despises it and wants to destroy it. It is an end without honour or dignity.

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